How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Look Good?

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?. A design and trend specialist can assist you in simplifying the often perplexing and difficult process of selecting kitchen cabinet hardware.

The Final Touch

Choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet hardware that precisely complements the rest of the cabinetry is not simple. There are simply too many choices! We asked trend manager Knikki Grantham how she chooses only one product from the many available. She provided us some excellent advice on how to give your new cabinets the greatest possible polish.

what color hardware for white kitchen cabinets

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

On white cabinets, hardware will pop and steal the show, so this is an excellent opportunity to go bold!

  • If your room is warmly colored, opt for gold, black, or bronze hardware.
  • Silver, pewter, black, and stainless steel hardware all work well with a chilly grey tone.
  • Consider the lights, appliances, and other metal accessories in the room and keep the tone consistent.

It’s never a bad idea to purchase a single sample of several different possibilities in order to see how they appear when installed. For a nominal cost, some manufacturers will even send you samples.

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Should Everything Be Coordinated?

Not always. Consider collaborating rather than matching. While coordination of finishes may provide a sense of flow from room to room, it is far more attractive to see variance than the same repetitious styles in every room of the home.
Knobs or Pulls?
There is no law; rather, there is a preference. Knobs are often less expensive and easier to deal with in terms of design, as they contribute less to the overall appearance of a Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. Pulls are often more costly than knobs and contribute significantly to a cabinet’s overall look or design.

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Do Not Be Concerned With Permanence

Changing out kitchen hardware is a cost-effective option, so why not take a chance? There is no other single item in a kitchen makeover that delivers as much punch as cabinet hardware replacement. If you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your cabinets after a few years, it will be far less expensive to replace the hardware than it will be to replace the cabinets totally.

best knobs for white kitchen cabinets

In general, the hardware should feel right. If the design or size of the hardware overshadows the kitchen on an aesthetic level, it is too large. There are also physical constraints to consider, such as the ease with which kitchen cabinets with knobs and pulls with big overhands or profiles might become entangled in clothes. The hardware should be easily graspable. Given the narrow profile of pulls, it’s critical to make them accessible to persons with bigger hands. Nothing is more infuriating than non-functional hardware, regardless of how attractive it appears. If you’re purchasing hardware from a showroom, experience it in action.

pictures of kitchen cabinets with knobs and pulls

Knobs or pulls on shaker cabinets

Don’t feel as though you have to fit into a particular style category. Hardware complements the kitchen in the same way that shoes or a purse may complete an ensemble. Combining styles enables you to personalize your kitchen.

Bear in mind that finishes might differ significantly across manufacturers. Oil-rubbed bronze, in my experience, differs the most. Although the result in the photograph (left) appears to be borderline black, oil-rubbed bronze can occasionally take on a rusty hue.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Personally, I prefer to keep all of my hardware finishes consistent throughout my home. (I experiment with metals in my décor and accessories.) However, as long as the finishes in your kitchen and any adjacent rooms are consistent, you should be OK!

how to choose cabinet hardware size

When I speak to hardware finishes, I mean cabinet hardware, cabinet hinges, light fittings, and sink hardware.

Can Kitchen Cabinet Hardware be mixed?

Both “yes” and “no” You may absolutely mix and match pulls and knobs (like I did in my home; all of my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers have knobs)… However, I would advise against mixing hardware designs or finishes (colors) within a single room.

Select a single pull style (and size) and a single knob style (and size). The knobs and pulls you select should compliment one another (for example, I would never combine a modern bar pull with a conventional knob).

how to choose cabinet hardware size

If you’re going to mix up, I suggest using knobs on all drawers and pulls on all cabinets. Create a coherent mix of your equipment (in other words, a regular trend).

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