20 Great Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures Ideas 2022

Whatever style or size your kitchen island lighting Fixtures is, one thing is certain: the lighting you pick for it may drastically change the look of your kitchen. The appropriate lighting can transform the kitchen island into a bright and appealing center point, while still providing ample task illumination for cooking and dining.

With contemporary kitchen island lighting, you can easily turn your kitchen island from drab to fab by following the suggestions in this article.

Add a Touch of Rustic

While we’d never pass up a beautiful copper, brass, or polished bronze light fixtures, rattan or woven jute may be an excellent way to bring it all together in if you’re leaning toward a Scandi-inspired design scheme with plenty of cane and light wood tones.

This sculptural pendant straddles the line between Japanese and slightly nordic—in other words, it’s high-design and bold while staying subtle.

island lights kitchen

Choose a natural Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures option.

Typically, kitchen island lights should not extend beyond the kitchen island’s surface area. That’s why, if you’re considering pendant lighting, measuring the length and breadth of the island’s surface will be quite useful in establishing how large your light fixture should be or how many lights you should put.

kitchen island lighting modern

Incorporate a lantern.

When sitting or standing alongside the kitchen island, the pendant lights or chandelier you pick should not hinder your view across the island. To get a sense of how much vertical clearance you’ll need, measure the distance between the kitchen island and the ceiling directly above it.

modern kitchen island lighting fixtures

Give a nod to the 1950s.

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and track lights are the three major forms of stylish lighting for your kitchen island. There are several designs and forms to pick from within these broad categories.

Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Simple Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures is best.

Pendant lights have been increasingly popular in recent years as one of the most attractive varieties of all kitchen island lights, suited for practically any interior design style. Pendant lights are light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling by a string, metal rod, or chain. The fact that they are single lights distinguishes them from chandeliers, which may be used in multiples.

pendant lights for kitchen

Remove the shades

Whoever says you have to use drapes to conceal your lights? Exposed lights lend a rustic, industrial vibe to this space, and they also offer a surprising amount of visual intrigue. To avoid an overpowering sense of brightness, use Edison bulbs or mild loft lighting.

kitchen island lights

Opt for something modern.

Chandeliers are the kitchen island light fixture of choice when it comes to making strong and daring design statements. An ornate light fixture like this one is meant to be the centerpiece of any room’s decor. You may have a smaller selection of chandeliers to choose from because of the limited vertical clearance over the top of a kitchen island. However, there are still a lot of options available to you.

kitchen island lighting modern

Incorporate a Sense of Laughter

A pendant light with a large glass shade adds a playful touch to this otherwise classic kitchen. The wavy, transparent glass shade adds just the right amount of individuality without overpowering the rest of the room.

lighting above kitchen island

Recognize the Beach

Whether or not you live near the shore, you can still use lighting to create a nautical-themed kitchen. To give your prep area a beachy feel, go for pendant lights with driftwood or shell embellishments.

kitchen lighting over island

Allow the lighting to take the spotlight.

Consider using more complex or ornate lighting to draw attention to your space if the rest of your kitchen is plain and streamlined. A Moroccan-inspired pendant with several facets can not only reflect more light, but the handcrafted aspect also gives it a more elevated, creative, and personalized vibe.

kitchen island lighting fixtures lowes

Make a Window Frame

Don’t forget about the remainder of your kitchen, even though the island is the focal point of most kitchen lighting options. It is possible to frame a window with a few contemporary sconces and provide task lighting over the sink.

tuscan kitchen island lighting fixtures

Select light shades.

Choose a hue that is so subtle that it practically merges in with rest of the kitchen, if you really want the lighting to steal the show. A warm light, such as an Edison bulb, can be highlighted with a clear glass cover, which draws attention to the bulb itself.

kitchen island with pendant lights

Cabinets that match

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to lighting in your kitchen? Choose lighting that complements your cabinets. Matching the hue to your cabinetry is a simple technique to keep the area looking streamlined.

led strip lights in kitchen

Consider a mesh pendant.

Simple IKEA pendants are given a playful makeover to create a unique lighting design that complements the rest of the space. To build a over kitchen island lighting scheme that is suitable for your space, consider DIYing or improving on inexpensive lighting.

kitchen island with pendant lights

A couple of sconces

If you like having open shelves in your kitchen, make sure your lighting complements the style. To help fill the vacant space above the shelves and provide a little warmth, hang a pair of sconces there.

kitchen lights over island

Embrace the modern farmhouse style.

Brass, copper, and other rustic elements are frequently used in modern farmhouses. This design is ideal for adding bold lighting that is neither too formal nor too beautiful. To give your kitchen a farmhouse feel, utilize more rustic, old materials and forms.

lighting above kitchen island

Select the proper unique kitchen island lighting dimensions.

Do you have a large space to fill? Not only should you think about how many lumens your room will need, but you also need to make sure your fixtures can hold their own in the space. When dealing with a large, open-concept kitchen layout, choose larger fittings.

island lights for kitchen

Chandeliers should be installed.

While you would not want to hang real candles from your ceilings, you can get the appearance with a hanging candelabra-inspired light. This light fixture is ideal for bringing drama to a space that is otherwise subdued.

pendant lighting for kitchen island

Installing a flush mount is a great way to save space.

While hanging pendants and task lighting are common in the kitchen, there’s no reason a stunning flush mount can’t hold its own. To add light and charm to a space, replace a dull “boob light” with a more aesthetically pleasing flush-mount fixture.

kitchen island pendant lighting

Consider using a variety of materials.

Every area in the house benefits from mixed media, but combining different materials in the kitchen might be a pleasant surprise. To add interest to the space, use unusual materials in your lighting fixtures, such as rope, metal, or concete.

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