16 Best Coastal Bar Stools With Backs Ideas

Finding the proper coastal bar stools with backs for your coastal kitchen may be both enjoyable and stressful. Where do you begin when there’s so many coastal bar stools to pick from? I was looking for some low-profile bar stools to go under my kitchen counter peninsula when I initially acquired my modest beach property in Lake Worth Beach. For a long time, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a back or not. Which is better: metal or fabric? Is it better to have a colourful or a neutral background?

coastal bar stools with backs

During my search, I came across a few of my favorite coastal bar stools. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in selecting bar stools for your own kitchen.

bar stools beach style

Low-profile two-tone upholstered bar stools

There are several color palettes that might be classified as coastal. This kitchen has a beachy vibe to it, but it’s not your standard all-white kitchen. The dark walnut wood base of the bar stools is paired with a light gray cushioned seat. They fit well under the peninsula of the kitchen island.

bar stools beach style

Your fresh coastal bar stools are an obvious chance to highlight your beachy design while making it simpler and more comfortable to sit all together, whether they’re for your kitchen island or tall dining room table. There are various creative interpretations of the coastal stool concept, making it a (sea) breeze to complement your décor, whether you’re inspired by marine, nautical, or shack-style vibes. However, don’t overlook the tedious but necessary details. Subtract 12 inches from the underside of your table or counter to get the proper height for your new bar stools. Allow around 6 inches between them so everyone may sit comfortably rather than feeling crammed into a sardine can.

bar stools beach style

Coastal bar stools that are both stylish and functional.

Coastal bar stools made of a mix of wood and metal are often a wonderful way to match nautical décor with a more contemporary feel.

The key is to combine clean lines with decorative features, such as a typical cross-shaped pattern.

Practical elements such as a footrest will enhance the practicality of more contemporary homes without detracting from the original coastal concept.

rattan bar stools with backs

Are you primarily drawn to the carefree atmosphere of a beach life?

Then some basic metal coastal bar stools will make you feel as if you’re going to order another colorful cocktail from a wonderful seaside hut surrounded by white sand.

It also helps if they are in a coastal color like turquoise, blue, white, olive, yellow, cream, orange, or coral red.

coastal bar stools with backs

Solid wood coastal bar stools are a warm alternative that may complement more classic beach-inspired homes, especially if you include more delicate, ornamental aspects like a gently curved back or x forms.

coastal bar stools with backs

While light wood treatments are ideal for coastal homes, a distinctive marine colour might also be considered.

Stools made of wood with a backrest are typically more comfortable, and you may even add some soft cushions with a coastal design or print.

rattan bar stools with backs

In compact spaces, bar stools beach styles are a better choice.

To begin with, you’ll be able to push them down beneath the table when you’re not using them, freeing up more room.

Furthermore, the absence of backrests will improve the visual flow of your area, making it look airier and broader than it is.

rattan bar stools with backs

Coastal bar stools with a beachy motif on the backs

Another simple method to balance beachy and more conventional ideas is to choose coastal bar stools with a print that suits your décor and an adaptable upholstery style.

This may include prints with marine themes like fish, lobsters, seahorses, or shells, or an instantly identifiable beachy pattern (like this striped design).

rattan bar stools with backs

Counter stools with a coastal vibe

However, rattan is another common material for coastal bar stools that we haven’t discussed, in addition to wood, metal, and upholstered options (and coastal furniture in general, of course).

We strongly recommend it if you want to enhance the informal, laid-back sensations that characterize this design, giving you and your guests the impression that you’re sitting outside.

rattan bar stools

Tropical Counter stools with an eye-catching style for the beach home

Many coastal bar stools include instantly identifiable patterns or motifs, making them excellent for maintaining a familiar and nostalgic feel in your nautical-themed house.

In reality, you can now discover coastal stools in a variety of fresh and distinctive designs: as long as you incorporate one or two basic features (such as rattan or coastal palettes), you’ll be able to keep this style constant while also making a statement.

coastal bar stools with backs

Stools with a nautical theme

Or maybe your coastal home’s furniture and décor have a nautical theme?

Then, in a hue from a nautical palette, try more elegant and less elaborate wooden or metal patterns.

coastal bar stools with backs

More modern bar stools in a coastal color scheme

Perhaps you hoped for a more subdued reference to this aesthetic. Or maybe your table is already quite beachy, and you’re searching for some more adaptable chairs to balance it out?

Simple: select a traditional coastal hue and stick to simpler and more contemporary bar stool designs.

coastal bar stools with backs

Rattan bar stools with backs with a coastal theme

Yes, they may be a little more difficult to come by in this design, but rattan bar stools with backs with swivel are well worth looking for if you want greater flexibility when sitting.

rattan bar stools with backs

It makes even more sense in this scenario to opt for a model that incorporates a footrest.

rattan bar stools with backs

This white kitchen is uncluttered, sleek, and straightforward. I like how everything is white with a burst of color from the bar stools.

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