Kathryn Cellerini Moore​

Oregon-native and self-professed nerd Kathryn Cellerini Moore is a creative force transforming childhood memories into thought-provoking art installations. And this year she is the TEDxSalem Artist in Residence helping set the tone for our event, com­mu­ni­cate its theme and con­vey an ‘idea worth spreading.’

Drawn to art for its therapeutic values, Kathryn holds a BS in Psychology and a BFA in Allied Visual Arts from Oregon State University. She earned her Master’s Degree in Studio Art with a focus on printmaking, sculpture and installation from Stony Brook University in New York. Although across the country, Kathryn wanted a program that would allow her to explore.

“Studio art was open enough for those like me who can’t decide on one medium,” she said. “I wasn’t good about making decisions, about focusing. I wanted to do what felt should be done for whatever the idea was.”

“I never felt like I was going to master any one material because I never stick with one for very long,” Kathryn said. “What you are mastering is how to take an idea and give it form. So I would say, I am mostly drawn to conceptual ideas where the idea forms everything else.”

“I am also very drawn to materials,” Kathryn added. “The sumptuousness, textures and colors.”

Inspiration for the artist derives from her childhood and the environment in which she grew up.

“My art is very seated in how I respond to my every day and connecting to that…asking the question ‘Why do I respond that way?’” Kathryn said, noting that how formative experience continues to impact our daily lives has been a thread through her work for some time.

For her TEDxSalem stage installation, Kathryn hopes viewers will see something unexpected. It’s a vision that’s chaotic and controlled at the same time, she said. But there is also a very personal level, a family portrait, to the installation.

“For me, this installation pays homage to the sweat and tears that goes into a revolution,” Kathryn said, “I am looking at revolution on a broader scale….as being a personal a-ha moment, a breakthrough in perception that changes your life forever. I create artwork from direct personal experience with the intent and belief that the personal is universal.”

“Revolution is also from beginning to end…one full cycle…a destructive force,” Kathryn said. “Revolutions can be the basis for community and growth.”

In cooperation with the Salem Art Association through a new program catering to the Artist-in-Residence concept, Kathryn will be working on her TEDxSalem stage installation on-and-off at The Annex through Jan. 6. The Bush Barn Art Center and the Annex are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tues. to Fri. and noon to 5 p.m. Sat. and Sun., at 600 Mission St. SE in Salem. The buildings will be closed from Dec.  25-Jan. 3.Learn more at salemart.org/programs/annex.