Jessica Amos McElravy: Finding peace, starting with yourself

By TEDxSalem Storyteller, August 14, 2014

1403735460000-meditation-49702When Jessica Amos McElravy’s daughter was born nine years ago, she came to terms with a difficult reality.

In order to give her daughter, Haven, the best she could, she needed to do the same for herself.

So with some help, she addressed her anxiety and the toxic things she’d been holding on to. She learned techniques to live within her own nature and to avoid self-shame.

Now, she guides others through a similar journey through her business, Stay With Yourself.

At TEDxSalem, Jessica will share the process she goes through to soothe her anxiety and fears — the dreaded emotions we all have felt. The unique part of Jessica’s talk is that she will most likely be feeling those very emotions while standing on stage and speaking to you.

The thing that stands out when speaking with her is that she doesn’t try to banish fear or extinguish anxiety. In fact, she acknowledges them, then finds ways to work around them.

The key, Jessica says, is to avoid building the negative feelings even more by judging them.

“Recognizing my needs and providing for my needs is the trick most of the time,” she said. “Taking care of myself is the biggest component.”

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to remind her TEDx audience that they are not alone and that they are capable of finding inner peace.

If everybody could find that peace, life and the world would be a much better place.

“I think that’s really good news and definitely worth spreading,” she said.

If you want to see Jessica in person, get your tickets now at the Elsinore Theatre or