TEDxSalem entertainment fuses yoga, Broadway, Latin jazz, and Middle-Eastern folk dancing

January 4, 2017

For those of you who have been to TED conferences in the past, you’ll know it’s more than just speakers (although they are certainly a highlight!). It’s a whole day of innovative thinking, engaging conversation, making new friends, stretching your brain, participation and entertainment. Beyond our roster of speakers, we have breakout sessions and performances…


Kelsey Juliana: Millennials will make a difference

January 2, 2017

When it comes to standing up to climate change Kelsey Juliana is relentless, and expects you to be, too. “If you’re wondering if you’re doing enough, then the answer is probably not,” said Juliana, 20, a college student currently working with Partners for Sustainable Schools to teach children about sustainability and the environment. “If you’re…

TEDxSalem host Mark Powers

Say hello to host Mark Powers

December 22, 2016

Mark Powers is a percussionist, an artist, an author, educator and mentor. Plus, he’s no stranger to the TEDx stage. In fact, he has two talks under his belt and played the role of host for TEDxMtHood (formerly ConcordiaUPortland) three times. “I’ve long been a fan of TED and TEDx talks, so being invited to step…

Meet Artist-in-Residence Kathryn Cellerini Moore

December 19, 2016

Oregon-native and self-professed nerd Kathryn Cellerini Moore is a creative force transforming childhood memories into thought-provoking art installations. And this year she is the TEDxSalem Artist in Residence helping set the tone for our event, com­mu­ni­cate its theme and con­vey an ‘idea worth spreading.’ Drawn to art for its therapeutic values, Kathryn holds a BS…

Don't Shoot PDX

Teressa Raiford: #blacklivesmatter was just the beginning

December 18, 2016

It can be easy to overlook Teressa Raiford in a crowded room, and that seems to suit her quite fine. Short in stature, she is soft-spoken and unassuming in person, often with gaze averted and the occasional half-smile. There’s a noticeable hint of loneliness in Raiford’s demeanor that the community organizer and leader of Don’t…

Vanessa Timmons: Resiliency throughout domestic violence, activism, survival and revolution

December 8, 2016

Sometimes, the word “revolution” brings to mind a kind of violence, the kind associated with wars and revolts and massive uprisings. But for others, the real revolutionary work is the work that goes into preventing violence — and helping its survivors heal. One such person is Vanessa Timmons, executive director of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic…

Brianna Miller: Going “retro” with last year’s artist-in-residence

November 30, 2016

Some people are said to be born too soon for this world; artist Brianna Miller may have been born about 30 years too late. The 24-year-old Miller could be a child of the 1960s spiritually – she shares a passion for Cat Stevens music, and movies like Harold and Maude and the 60s-inspired films of Wes Anderson. She claims the works of…

Yesenia Gallardo: Save the planet, eat an insect

November 27, 2016

While crickets, grubs and insect eggs might not top your list of snack foods, they pop up in cuisine around the world, and they just might be the key to a greener planet. “It just makes a lot of sense,” said Yesenia Gallardo, a TEDxSalem speaker, environmentalist and insect entrepreneur. “The sustainability and the nutrition…

Alia Braley: The power of non-violent action

October 19, 2016

“When I was younger, knowing that my grandparents were involved in the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was inspiring to me,” said Alia Braley, who has been working as a researcher and advocate of strategic nonviolent action for the past three years, currently with the Albert Einstein Institution.   For her TED…