TEDxSalem II

TEDxSalem hosted the following speakers in 2014. Click on each name to learn more.

Jes­sica Amos — Facing your fear through mindfulness
Roger Anun­sen — Brain science
Jonathan Chase — The inner work­ings of the Autistic Mind 
Mark Frohn­mayer — Equal­iz­ing the Vote
Travis Jank — Bit­coins
Devon Lyon — Augmented Reality Storytelling
Cather­ine Miller — “Meow: You’ve been Memed“
Andrew Sen­ner — Aquapon­ics
Jef­fer­son Smith — Show your appreciation
Danne Stayskal — Understanding Synaes­the­sia 
Richard Sur­roz — The Chang­ing Par­a­digms of Per­sonal Com­put­ing; wear­ables and beyond
Simon Tam — Make Every Word Count
Kyle Terry — The Dark Side of the Web: Explor­ing Dark­nets
Jodi Win­nwalker — Connecting with music therapy

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